Monday, 10 July 2017

What I Wore: The University Ball

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time but there was a delay - I had dug out my mum and dad's film camera and was waiting for the first roll to be developed!

These photos are from about a month ago - when I went to the summer ball at my university. It really was an amazing way to finish my time at uni and even though I'm not one to dress up, I really enjoyed putting on some makeup and a dress for the last night with all my friends in Leeds. (Although as you might notice, I actually took my heels off after the photos were taken and put on a pair of trainers. Typical me).

My dress was from Missguided (link here) and I won't lie - this was a complete panic buy that paid off! I was really happy with how it looked and it wasn't the best quality but for £30 I couldn't fault it.

Speak soon, Ruby x


  1. Love the dress, you look amazing! X

    1. Thank you Summer! It was a great evening x

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  3. Red looks amazing on you! Have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x


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