Sunday, 5 February 2017

Update: New Year's Resolutions


Hiiii everyone. 
I've done that thing again where I had every intention of being a better blogger and more organised person in my general life. I've definitely made some progress on the latter, but the whole better blogger thing is still a work in progress. I took these photos when my friend Katy came to visit at the beginning of January and they've been sitting as a draft post ever since. I love this outfit - it's really simple but includes some of my favourite pieces to wear at the moment, the Topshop Nibbled Tee and MOTO Denim Western Oversized Jacket

I've been very absent from social media and my blog so far this year. I've been using it just as much as normal, scrolling through and double-tapping, but I haven't been contributing to the conversations as much. Over Christmas I had this realisation (a la Kylie Jenner) that 2017 has to be the year that I make some solid changes. My 2 New Year's Resolutions were as follows:

1) Learn how to really budget. This year I'll graduate from university and go into the world of full-time work, and I think if I'm going to spend the rest of my life getting a monthly pay-check I really ought to know how to manage what I spend, splurge and save. 

2) To educate myself about food and become the healthiest version of myself I've been so far. Such a cliche, I know. I'm not an unhealthy person in general - I eat my fruit and veg, I dabble in exercise, but I knew I could definitely be so much better. I decided that I need to educate myself about food and reassess what I eat and how I exercise. I started this towards the end of last year (read my post about finding fitness inspiration online here). Part of the reason I've been so absent from my blog and all is because (other than exams and deadlines) I've been focusing so much of my energy on breaking bad habits and starting some new, good ones. 

Since I began the year I've started to get my head more around my monthly budget and how to spend it in the right places, but I've made some interesting discoveries about my body too. It's been an interesting start to the year and I'll hopefully make more progress as the year goes on. I'll make sure I actually take the time to share my thoughts on here too! 

If hearing about my lifestyle changes is something you'd be interested in, please let me know. I know the internet and blogging world can seem so saturated with exercise regimes and the like, but if you'd be interested in reading about my experience - trying to change your lifestyle in your final year of university, on a budget - then I'd be happy to share it with you. 

Ru x


  1. Lovely casual chic look. You look beautiful, dear!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. I really need to learn to save too, like yourself, I'll hopefully graduate this year too and the thought of living off a monthly pay check sounds scary and so does the world of work lol! Have a lovely weekend :)

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