Monday, 13 November 2017

The "If All Else Fails" Outfit

Shirt - Topshop // Jeans - Zara High Waisted Mom Jeans // Heels - Public Desire (old) // Bag - Topshop (old)

One of the outfits I've historically struggled to put together is an "evening out" outfit. For those nights when you're not going on a night out to a club, but you're also not just going to Pizza Express down the road. You want something dressy, but comfortable, and need to strike the perfect balance between night out and night in. I just never had pieces in my wardrobe that catered to those kind of nights. Since I've made the transition from student to working girl, the demand for outfits like these has increased, because more often than not, a night out is a night going between bars, where you need something a little fancier than the jeans, crop top and trainers that a student night out allowed for. 

This combination is right up my street, and as I said in my last post, I really feel like I'm finally finding my own style. I feel like it's coming into my own and I'm more confident than ever in what I want to wear, and what suits me. I think this is the perfect definition of an "if all else fails" outfit - something you can throw on and feel comfortable in, whilst looking like you made an effort. I have been, and probably always will be a denim girl, so it's natural that this outfit includes a pair of jeans. The shirt balances out the casual-ness of the jeans, but the slouchy fit means the overall effect is still the more relaxed side of dressy. Incidentally, the shirt works really well dressed down, with blue jeans (which I think can be a little more casual), and a pair of Stan Smith's. 

I think outfits like this are an understated kind of sexy. There's nothing really that sexy in the outfit, but the shirt is a little baggy but still has the low cut, and the heels are a touch that elevates the outfit and of course, makes your legs look slimmer and longer. Admittedly, I would wear this with a jacket in the evening, but for the purpose of this post I wanted to draw attention to the most interesting parts of the outfit. The strappy heels can obviously be swapped for something warmer too, but I love these heels so much that I'll brave the cold if I'm just hopping between bars. 

I think everyone has an outfit like this - one that you'll always fall back on when you're lacking inspiration. This is mine - what's yours?

Shop the Look: 

Monday, 30 October 2017

A Dupe For Those Gucci Loafers

For the past month, I've been hunting for a pair of black loafers (as you'll have seen in my last blog post). A few months ago even though I loved the Gucci loafer I was seeing bloggers wear left, right and centre, I wasn't sure they were my thing. Over the past few months, though, I've come to the realisation that my wardrobe had a loafer-shaped hole. The transition out of student life, where trainers are acceptable 99% of the time, to life outside the student bubble made me realise I needed to invest in some new pieces.
I had some specific criteria - real leather, gold hardware, and that gucci-esque look. Now that I'm working I can afford to invest more in the pieces I'm buying and, whilst I can't go mad (my savings account wouldn't be too happy if I got too spend-happy), I'm able to spend a little more and buy better quality now I have a full-time job.
So, I tried some loafers from Office, some from Asos, and a few more but each pair was too narrow and I knew my feet would be ruined in seconds. I nearly gave up hope, thinking that my feet (whilst not the slimmest, they're not wide enough to warrant wide fit shoes) just wouldn't suit this style of shoe. But I kept looking online in every place I could think until I stumbled across these.

They're from Dune - a brand I've known of forever but never actually tried before. They really were what felt like my last option - everything else I found was sold out in my size. As you've already guessed, they are exactly what I was looking for. The leather is great - nice and soft, and they've already worn in nicely after a few weeks, with not a blisters in sight. The gold detail is really nice and doesn't cheapen the shoe as I've seen happen a few times.

An there's even more good news - they're now on sale! This makes my heart break a little, but I'm so happy with them that I don't mind too much. Dune also do a nice backless slider version which I would buy if we weren't well on our way into the winter months.

Keep an eye out for these on my instagram and in future blog posts, because I'm fully expecting to be wearing these for a long time!

- Ruby xo

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Hello, to anyone that might be reading this. It's been a long while since I dedicated any real time to this blog, so I'm not sure how many of you have stuck around. It's nice to be back! For a while I wasn't sure whether I'd ever really make it back on here, but at long last I've decided to give it another go. A lot has happened over the past year or so that has meant I've been pretty quiet on my blog and if I'm totally honest, up until the past month I haven't missed writing on here. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Week in Outfits - Holiday Edition

Last week I travelled to Greece with my mum as a way to celebrate the end of my exams! Whilst I was there, I snapped a few of my outfits, and here they are! I won't lie, I spent most days in a vest tee and shorts, but in the evenings when it cooled down I had the chance to actually put a bit of effort in. Each of these outfits are really easy and simple. They're not really anything special, but each outfit was good for 2 reasons: 1) I felt really comfy and cool in the heat, and 2) each outfit had a loose waistband so I was able to eat as much souvlaki, tzatziki and baklava as I wanted (yep, I'd like to think I have my priorities right). 

If you've been wondering where I've been since April, the short answer is: The Library. I was in the middle of writing my dissertation and then went straight into exams, and with it being my final year I was feeling the pressure. But - I finished my exams at the beginning of this month, and have moved home! As of yet I haven't done much to tell you about, other than go to Greece and make a flippin' good banana bread, if I do say so myself. 

I'll be back soon with more to tell you about though! Until then, here are a few outfits I wore in Greece. xx

Top - New Look // Skirt - M&S // Sandals - Birkenstock //

Monday, 10 April 2017

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy // Review

Shades L-R: Diamond Top Coat 010 // Checkmate 540 // Cardshark 100 // All or Nothing 020 

Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy nail polishes - aka the only nail polish you need in your life. I honestly cannot describe my love for these nail polishes. It's a bold statement but I'm going to say it anyway; this is my all-time favourite nail polish formula. They do exactly what the say on the bottle - two coats and you get a really opaque, gel-like finish. They're easy to apply because the brush is quite wide and rounded at the bottom. 

The pale pink shade, "All or Nothing" is easily my most worn - I've just purchased my third bottle. Since I bought my first bottle of the shade a year ago, one of these 3 shades has been on my nails and toes. I honestly haven't really used any other polishes!

I would say that even if you don't buy any of the range's shades, you have to try the Diamond Top Coat. I know that the Seche Vite Top Coat has always been raved about but I think this one is perfect, and it's a couple of quid cheaper too. Two coats of polish and the top coat and my nails can last a week before they need to be painted again. Even then they're usually chip free - but they are growing out a bit so I give them a touch up.

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of these nail polishes. I think as long as I'm still loving the shade range, I'll keep buying this formula for a long long time. (If Revlon ever discontinues this formula I'll deffo shed a tear or two)

Have you tried this formula? (It has been around for a few years now). Or - are there any other nail polishes you think I should try? xx

Monday, 27 February 2017

In Defence of Casual Dressing

Words cannot describe my love for this jacket. I feel like I'm surrounded by a layer of clouds when I wear it, and even on a cold February day it kept me so warm. My bestie Martha let me borrow this one when I saw it and my face literally turned into the heart-eyed emoji. She has a depop account and often has pieces like this on her store, so head over to her page if you want your very own marshmallow-y puffa jacket.

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of girl that was super high fashion and adventurous - but then I wear a jacket like this and the wish to be high fashion couldn't seem further away. I'm not going to beat around the bush - 99.999% of the time I dress for comfort. My uniform is always some variation of an outfit that includes jeans and trainers - sorry not sorry.

I actually had a conversation with my friend about this today, and I admitted that - if I knew the guy and it was a chilled bar, not a fancy restaurant - I would probably wear trainers on a date.

Is that bad? I don't know. Maybe it is - but you gotta take me as I am, I guess. I think it's better to be honest about these kind of things, I wouldn't rock up to a date in a dress and heels unless I knew I would feel comfortable in it. I'm not going to dress in a way that's not me to impress someone - there's bound to be plenty of people out there who will appreciate my love for trainers and even love me for it. Don't get me wrong - if the occasion calls for a more formal outfit I will of course dress that way - but my natural comfort point is jeans and trainers.

Part of me thinks though, that I can get away with my uber casual dressing right now because I'm a student, living in a student-y city where even a night out is pretty casual - no heels in sight - and that pretty soon I'm going to have to wake up to the real world where you have to dress up a bit more.

I know my mum has gotten a bit frustrated at me and my constantly causal approach to dressing once or twice (mostly at my attachment to trainers) - but I think a common misconception with casual dressing is that it's linked to a lack of pride in your appearance / a lack of effort. In my case, anyway, this is not the case. I may not take as much time in the morning as lots do to get ready - but I still run the straighteners through my hair and stick some makeup on everyday.

What are your thoughts on casual dressing? Do you think there's a time and a place, or would you rock up to a drinks date in jeans and trainers too? I personally don't see anything wrong with it - or "over-dressing" for that matter! You do you. 

Ru xx