Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 in Outfits

2016 has been the quietest year for my blog since I began writing it back in 2012. I've averaged a few posts a month, whereas back in the day I was writing that in a week. I still love writing my blog and going out to take photos of what I wear - every year what I wear changes, sometimes only slightly and sometimes dramatically, and I always enjoy seeing how the way I express myself through my clothes develops.  

Whilst 2016 has been the quietest year for TM yet, it's been one of my most exciting years offline! Most of the fun things are bits that I've neglected to share with you on here, something which I'm in two minds about. I can never decide whether to share those things on here- after all that's what a blog is all about right?! But this year more than ever I've found myself sharing the clothes I like, the makeup I love, but nothing with more depth than that. Of course I'm not criticising that sort of content - I love getting inspired by outfit posts and learning more about makeup and it's what I've been writing for the past 4 years. But what I think I've lost on my blog this year is the bit where you actually get to know me, and what I do when I'm not taking outfit photos. 

You might be able to see the outfits I wear, but I haven't shared enough of the other stuff, the things I do when I'm wearing the clothes I show you. I've shared what I wear, but I haven't really shared myself, my thoughts and opinions, and my actual life. 

Part of me thinks, who really cares though? People might enjoy seeing what I wear and not care to get more from me than that. And that's fine- people don't have to be interested in what I study, where I work, etc. But regardless, I think my blog has become a little cold and impersonal, which isn't what I wanted at all. 

Next year I will finish my degree, and graduate. I'll move back home and start my new job on a graduate scheme with Boots. I honestly don't know what will happen to my blog when I start a "real job" in September, but I hope that whether I'm blogging once a month or once a week, in 2017 Total Modisch will be more real and that I'll show you more sides to me than what I wear. 

If you have read Total Modisch this year, thank you! I hope you have enjoyed it and that you stick around for 2017 and we can get to know each other a little better. 

Happy New Year! 
Love, Ru x


  1. Hope you have a good new year! Love all the effortlessly cool denim looks :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  2. super cute looks! happy new year!

  3. happy new year! love your style

  4. Nice photos darling! I wish you a wonderful year!

    love from Portugal,


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