Friday, 29 July 2016

Hitting Reset

So it's been a little over a month since I last read a blog, let alone thought about my own. University has finished and I'm three and a half weeks into my new job (which is so much fun) but I've been in that weird phase of recovering from a crazy few months of revision and exams at university, and starting a new job which has left me cramming a social life / gym into any spare time.

I'm going to be completely honest and admit it, my blog has only crossed my mind several times in the past 4 weeks, and when it did it was for a fleeting second before I was onto the next thing. But today I realised just how long it had been and I wanted to check in and share this outfit I shot last month.

Over the 4 years I've been writing TM, I've come to accept that sometimes I have a month where things don't go to plan and blogging gets put on the back burner. I used to think of them as a bad month but I'm trying to stop doing so. Whilst I hope you all enjoy reading my blog, I don't have thousands of readers and ultimately I write it for myself as a creative outlet, so beating myself up when things don't go to plan is beginning to seem pointless.

Case in point - my previous blog post was one of, if not my favourite outfit to date and as I'm writing this it's received 2 comments in a month. And whilst it isn't all about the numbers, I love the interaction I usually get in the comments so seeing a dry spell on here was a bit disheartening. Because of this, I'm going to hit reboot on the blog!

So say hi to what I like to call my "man repeller trousers". I think they're super cool and fun but they're definitely not the most flattering item in my wardrobe. I dress them up with a long sleeved striped tee and brogues for work but I really like wearing them casually too! And my nike basball cap is something I've been liking too, although I'm still not sure that I'm cool enough to wear it. If I pretend I am I think I can pull it off :)

So it really has been long time since I last checked in, but I'm going to try and stick around! I would love to tell you all more about what I have been doing this last month if you're interested?
Talk soon xx


  1. well i'm creeping on here even if nobody else is lol
    is it creeping? popped up on my insta

    p.s. i call my 'man repeller' trousers 'mum repeller' trousers, as she's usually the one who tells me to get rid of them :'D glad you have some too

  2. wooow your outfit is so good! And of course, write what you have been doing! :) xx

  3. Your outfit is so cool. I love it.

  4. you look sooo cute! I love the casual vibes!

  5. Welcome back to the blogosphere :D I'm loving the man repeller trousers!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


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