Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Salt and Pepper

Jumper - Topshop // Jeans - Zara // Trainers- Nike Winflo 2 // Bag - Topshop 

Say hello to the jumper that'd been keeping me warm for the past four months! It's my fail-safe, massive, cosy jumper and it's a wonder that it's taken me so long to blog about it. It's a "salt and pepper" knit from Topshop and I love the fact that its huge and not super flattering - sometimes it's fun to just wear massive clothes that slightly drown you. Not going to lie though, sometimes when I look at it for too long it makes my eyes feel weird. 

Also, how cool is this graffiti? These sheds are just around the corner of our house in Leeds and I've been meaning to take photos here for a while. When we took these photos last week the weather was beautiful (if only 1 degree...) but this morning we had snow?! Get yourself together, weather. I cannot wait for it to be warmer and to be able to leave the house without a coat. This week has been a mixed one; I've felt exhausted all week, but on the positive side, my mum and grandma came to visit me in Leeds yesterday, which gave us the perfect excuse to eat at Byron Burger. I could eat their pickles aaaaall day. 

One last thing - I'm getting a hair cut next week and I'm considering getting a massive chop. How short do I go? I do love my longer hair but I think it's lost any 'style' that it had and looks really boring! What are your thoughts? 

Talk soon xx


  1. Nice sweater. I get attached to some clothes so I know how you feel about this jumper. I am not good at haircut advice. I will wait to see what you decide. Good luck!

  2. Cozy sweaters are my absolutely favorite, but it's already too warm for them where I live in the states! I miss them, and kind of envy your chillier weather right now! And yes, that graffiti is super cool. I definitely need to explore around town so I can get some more interesting outfit photos sometime!

    Stay lovely,
    Corin|All Paths Lead to Wonderland

  3. I love oversized sweaters in the winter! They're just so warm, cozy, and irresistible! The weather this time of year is really so finicky. Hope you're staying warm :)


  4. Your blog is soo cute and I love this outfit too!!

    Davina at x


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