Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Outfit Honesty

Shirt - Primark // Jeans & Jacket (old)  - Topshop // Boots - Office (sale) //

Hey hey everyone! Assignments are done for a while, so the outfits are back. This coat is one of my most worn items and it's definitely a little worse for wear, but it's never been on the blog (as far as I can remember..) It's taken me through two cold, windy winters at uni and I don't where I would be without it. I would have probably have blown away, never to be seen again, that's how important it is. It isn't my most glamorous piece of clothing but I increasingly feel like I should be honest with the ensembles I show you on here. Some of the outfits I've shown you in the past are more aspirational than realistic - I wear all the pieces in my wardrobe regularly, but sometimes the combinations of pieces that I post aren't all that realistic, and aren't ones that I would spend a day at university wearing. 

Last year and this year, I've made a conscious effort to be really honest in my outfits. After all, I may write things on a blog but I'm a normal person going to university five days a week, and my outfits have to comfy and practical. You won't catch me wearing a midi skirt and heeled boots for an afternoon at the library, (although if that's what you wear, I have major envy because I wish I was that cool). In reality, that just doesn't work for me. I love saving my creative outfits for my blog, but in truth they just don't get worn all that often in my day-to-day.

Also a final shout out to this shirt- I bought it at the beginning of the month and I can't take it off. It feels like a pyjama shirt because it's so soft and comfy. How awkward would it be if it was actually a PJ top and I didn't realise... The photo doesn't really show you well, but there's a slit half way up the shirt which adds a really nice detail. 

But update me- anything I should be watching, anything I should be listening to? I'm just about to finish Making a Murderer (but that's another story all together) so I'll need something to replace it! x


  1. i usually feel the same way. i don't really post outfits on my blog, mostly because of this same reason. i go to uni every day of the week, take classes really late at night and, in all honesty, who wants to wear heels when you have to go up four flights of stairs. as for something to watch, mad men and orange is the new black are two really good options!

  2. Love your watch Ruby! Where's it from?
    Maddie x

  3. I like that you post outfits you actually wear in real life! Some famous bloggers' outfits are always quite out there, and I wonder if that's what they wear to run errands and go grocery shopping. I'd love to find a coat as comfy as yours!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. Not a glamorous piece? I think your coat is pretty chic, and I agree with Angelina that I like that you actually post what you wear out!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  5. I love this casual look !

  6. I love this outfit!! (The boots especially!!
    Wanna be internet friends?

  7. Boots got my attention too. Love flat. Well, about a nice replacement I start listening to a Buddha Bar compilation. It is a nice music to hit and play. It makes me dream.

  8. Lovely to read about your everyday wear :) Got to love a good and practical coat.
    - from another blogging Ruby xx


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