Monday, 14 December 2015

Denim Jacket Girl

Tee- Primark (old) // Sweater - H&M // Jeans - Primark // Jacket - Vintage Levis (from The Vintage Clothing Store)

This is what I like to call the "woah Ruby, you really need a haircut but I like your sweater" look. I cannot wait for Wednesday to come because I'm having my first haircut since July (!!!) This is what happens when you go to university but the same person has cut your hair your whole life and you're convinced that no one can do as good a job... 

Sadly, this denim jacket isn't actually a permanent edition to my wardrobe, but is an item that I like to borrow from my friends vintage clothing store. What do you think - should I buy it? I never thought that I would be a denim jacket girl but it's vintage Levi's so I think it makes up for my lack of cool and I can get away with it. 

I shot this a few weekends ago just around the corner from a library on campus. I've actually been forcing myself to go to the library at the same time as taking pics so it's a win-win for my blog and the grades. I'm home for Christmas now though, so I'll actually have time to write a little more on here. I have my last deadline tomorrow and then I'm freeeeee! 

Hope you're all feeling festive and cosy and having a lovely day xx


  1. I love this look! So simple yet so chic x

  2. super:) xx

  3. definitely buy it! denim jackets are always good to have (says the girl who owns three...) and hey! i like your hair! i should probably get an appointment for a haircut as well. xx

  4. This is a really cute denim jacket, and I need a cool one like this! I don't own any denim jackets, but I do love how this look. Styled nicely! xx,

  5. Lovely look, I love it! Wish I could look this good :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  6. Oh I loove the denim jacket!


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