Thursday, 3 September 2015


Cropped Top - H&M // Skirt - Primark // Bag - Topshop // Watch - Olivia Burton // Trainers - Nike // Earrings & Gold Anklet - River Island 

It's taken a whole year to come around, but I'm nineteen! I turned a year older earlier this week and it's become a tradition on Total Modisch for me to do a birthday outfit blog post. Here's what I wore when I turned seventeen and eighteen - you'll notice that the outfit from last year isn't too different and that's because this skirt is one of my favourite things I own.

For a night of dancing and cocktails with the gals I'll only ever wear trainers - comfort is key and I don't need to add any inches to my height, let's be real. Anklets have become my favourite new thing so I threw a couple of those on and I was good to go. 

Last but not least I want to mention my bag. On first sight it's a plain old black bag but it's real leather and was a bargain in the Topshop sale. It's super soft and amazing quality - Topshop is the one when it comes to accessories.

My birthday is always a bitter sweet thing. It's right at the end of August which means that when it comes around Summer is over and it's time to go back to reality, whether that's school or now university. I move back to university in just about ten days and while I'm ridiculously excited, it means that I have to leave my retail job back at home and that breaks my heart a little bit. I love each and every guy I work with and I've already had to start saying goodbye! I don't think I realised how taking a summer job would make my summer one of the best I've had and I'm struggling to face the reality that it's over. I'm planning on staying in denial till the very end!


  1. You look so pretty ! Love that skirt.

  2. super:) xx

  3. gosh i love this look so much
    the skirt is amazing
    love it!

    with love your AMELY ROSE

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