Monday, 14 September 2015


Top - H&M // Shorts - Dorothy Perkins // Sliders - Primark // Bag - Topshop // Gold Anklet - River Island

It's officially official, I can't stop listening to The Weeknd's new album and Losers is my fave track right now. It was basically the soundtrack to last weeks' family trip to Italy and it makes me want to pretend I'm actually cool and not a loser. That piano riff, though. So goood. 

This is the first post of outfits I shot out in Italy - I'm still looking pasty but don't worry, my limbs have caught the sun a bit by the next outfit. These little crop tops are some of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe and only cost about £5 from H&M. Bargain. I finally feel like I'm happier with my blog after having a few months of hit-and-miss content that I wasn't always 100% happy with. Autumn is my favourite season so even though I loved seeing the sun in Tuscany, I've already bought a couple of new knits since I got home and I'm so excited to wear them. 

I move back to windy, cold Leeds in a few days (lol it isn't really that much colder, it's only 60 miles north of my hometown) but I felt like that was a good excuse to treat myself to some new pieces. Lets be honest though, I don't really need an excuse to get new clothes.. You'll be seeing them all soon in outfit posts, anyway. Sending love to you all xx


  1. Lovely print on the shorts, and I love your curls! That is a beautiful backyard ;)

    The Flower Duet

  2. This is so gorge! You look fab Ruby x

  3. Those shorts are gorgeous, perfect for Italy. Oh I wish I had a little tuscan sun right now haha!
    Anna | aforvogue

  4. That's such a cute outfit, I've been looking for shorts like that for aaaages and never found any :'( Hope you're having a fab start to second year! xx

  5. Love the shorts~! The print is cool!

  6. Such cute shorts. Loving this summer look

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne


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