Saturday, 1 August 2015

An Update | The London Student Experience

If you follow me on twitter you've probably seen my throwing around the hashtag #uStudents24. In a few days I'm going down to London along with 11 other bloggers, vloggers and online creatives to work with Unite Students. We'll be creating an hour by hour guide to all the good stuff you can do in London on a budget. 

I'm travelling down on Monday but Wednesday is the big day when we're set the challenge of filling a whole 24 hours with sight seeing, shopping and food. Unite will put all the pictures, video and writing together and share it with you guys later this Summer! I'll be live tweeting as it all happens, as well as sharing snippets on instagram and snapchat (@rubesisobel). 

There will be more blog posts as it happens so make sure you follow me on bloglovin' to find out where the trip takes us. I'll leave all the important links below... x

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Find out more about the project here:

Meet the students taking part:

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