Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ripped Jeans, Grey Shirt

Tee & Jeans - Primark // Heels - New Look // Necklaces - Topshop

I seem to have regressed from any kind of interesting outfit to one of jeans and a tee. There are, however, slight details that make these kind of outfits feel a little more exciting for me. Jeans ripped at the knee is something that I'm so late to, but in love with. I really don't know why a little extra space around my knees is so exciting but now I'm asking myself why all of my jeans aren't a little ripped. 

My Easter break is nearly over -  just one week until I go back to university and I have so many outfits to shoot before I leave! The past week we've been watching movie after movie and I have a new-found favourite. We watched 'Love, Rosie' a few days ago and I desperately want to watch it again already! The fact that I cried multiple times throughout puts it up there in the ranks as a good movie. If it can make me cry (due to laughter or otherwise) it's a winner. If you haven't watched it, go over to YouTube and search for the trailer! There are some great throwback songs in there too, because I think the story line spans over around fifteen years. 

Right now I'm sat with soaking wet hair so I should probably sort that out. We're going out for dinner in just under two hours and I'm being very ambitious in wanting to dry my hair, slap some makeup on and leave with freshly painted nails (that are dry) so I don't have to walk around with fingers splayed out to stop any smudging. I don't have nearly enough time but I'll do my best! Talk to you soon x


  1. I watched the trailer for 'Love, Rosie'. It looks so good. I really want to watch it!

    Love the tee and jeans! Following you on GFC.

  2. That's T-Shirt is so appropriate right now, as I'm sat sipping my tea, wondering 'what did actually happen to the weekend, how is it Sunday already'. Anyway, I love a good 'worded Tee' and the combo with the heels and ripped knee skinniest is my cup of tea. I love it. Simple, yet effective...

    I haven't watched that film but I may have to give it a go. I like to watch anything and everything at random, so if it's recommended, I'll watch it. :)


  3. love this casual outfit and the ripped jeans definitely make it more awesome..I am also late into the party of ripped jeans and actually need to acquire a pair still..gotta check this film out too, I have never seen it and it sound awesome :)

  4. Those jeans are so cool !

  5. The slogan is how I feel every Monday - lovely post!

    Krissie x -

  6. beautiful!

  7. nice casual look

  8. love the t-shirt and the ripped jeans, nice casual look!

  9. The details definitely take a simple tee and jeans to the next level. I'm loving the ripped jeans and heels :)


  10. I totally agree that it is so much more exciting when denim is is so unexpected and fun. Besides, who doesn't like extra breathing room in skinny jeans? I also adore your shoes (they really make the outfit)
    As for movie selections, I have never seen "Love, Rosie" but it seems great. I just watched "The Holiday" and while I, unfortunately didn't die of laughter or cry rivers, it is definitely a very cute feel good rom-com.

  11. You can never go wrong with jeans and a tee though! I love these ripped jeans, I will have to get me a pair! | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  12. Great casual outfit!! (:
    Nati xx

  13. Such a good look! I really need to get myself some ripped jeans
    Love your blog btw- Followed on Bloglovin


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