Sunday, 8 March 2015


Tee - Forever 21 // Jeans - Topshop // Cardigan - Primark // Trainers - Nike 3.0s // Bag - Primark // Watch - Olivia Burton

I have serious respect for anyone that takes outfit photos in public. It's scary stuff, man. I'm so used to standing in in the safety of my garden back at home but ever since moving to university there has been a severe lack of outfit posts, because there is nowhere private to take photos. My only solution was to take an early morning walk with Brittany one Saturday, hoping that the park would be quiet. Let's be honest, how many students are going to be walking through the park at 10am after a night out? More than you would think

Once I got over the stress of being stared at by passers by, the whole experience was over pretty quickly, thankfully. This combination has been one of my favourites the past few weeks and I'm starting to think that you're going to have to surgically remove this cardigan from me. Does anyone remember when snuggies were a thing? This is like wearing a snuggie, but you can actually leave the house in it. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

I hope your weekend has been good. I'm ending mine with chocolate and Catfish and the Bottlemen's album, The Balcony. Still obsessed, it's become unhealthy. The last month has been a tense, emotional rollercoaster for me and for some reason their album has proved a good soundtrack for the days of frustration and confusion. The lyrics to Hourglass are probably my favourite thing right now. THE FEELS. 


  1. I absolutely love these pictures! And the outfit, of course. So casual and relaxed.
    mortem blonde

  2. super:) xx

  3. I just love the simplicity of this, so cool Ruby x

  4. Those sneakers seem like the comfiest thing ever! I really need to invest in a pair! And don't worry about posing in public, you'll get used to it and maybe even get a few fun stories (once an old man asked me if I was practicing for a beauty pageant and I can't even count the times strangers have photobombed my pictures!). Also thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  5. Great look!
    Fallow fora fallow?

  6. Ruby this is such a coooool outfit and your eyebrows are looking absolutely on point, even though it's from kind of far away here! My blogging has totally flopped since starting uni so kudos to you for keeping it going! xo

  7. Awwh I completely share your pain where posing for photos in public is concerned.
    I hate it when people pass by! Cute outfit.x

  8. I absolutely love this post!!! I adore you more for this!
    I too was so scared to go out and take pictures, I would use my bedroom or in front of my house (but made sure no one was around) Ever since I started attending college there's so many pretty places to take pictures in but I was so shy to go ahead a take pictures. But then I realized that this is COLLEGE people are here for many reasons and interest, and my interest is entertainment, fashion, blogging, and etc. That's when I started not to care and if anyone asked why I was taking pictures I say, "Its for my blog" :)
    *Sorry for the novel. lol*


  9. Loved this one!

  10. Amazing post, you can never go wrong with a striped tee shirt!!

    XO Courtney


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