Tuesday, 24 February 2015

NOTD: The Floating Manicure DIY

Nail art is something I wish I could do, but every time I pick up a brush to do some intricate detailing I get a case of the shakes. My hands aren't precise enough to do anything remotely fancy so it's better to stick to what's easy, and do it well. This design is super easy - it makes my evil eye nail design look like advanced stuff. 

The floating manicure has been appearing all over the catwalk recently and it's quite possible the quickest and coolest deviation from a standard manicure. Watch this video by British Vogue if you need a little guidance. 

1) Pick two contrasting colours - whichever take your fancy. I used Luxedo and Beyond Cozy by Essie.

2) Paint your nails as you normally would.

3) Wait for this first layer to dry, then use your second colour to paint the nails again, imagining that your nail is smaller. This will leave a border around the edge of the nail, and a "floating manicure" effect! 


  1. I love the glittery one, you have lovely nails ;)

    The Flower Duet

  2. This looks really pretty! Simple but effective - I think even a nail art newbie like myself could manage. Love the colours you picked too.

    www.inspirationormadness.com xx

  3. love it..it's so ingenious and easy to do <3


  4. good tricks ! lovely nail polishes :)


  5. This looks so cool!
    I love the contrast between the glitter and the black polish :)


  6. This is such a cool look! You've painted them so precisely, I think I'd make such a mess haha. Loving the black and gold, too.
    cottonandcandie xx

  7. What a beautiful manicure! I can't believe you did it freehand! It's so neat! I hadn't thought of doing it this way either, normally I paint around the edges after, but that can be quite messy sometimes x

    Miss Imogen Smith


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