Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tagged // The Liebster Award

Last week Missy Red tagged me in the Liebster Award (thanks Chelsea!). Also check out Rosy's blog because she nominated me months ago but I'm so disorganised that it never happened... I've become increasingly conscious that you might not actually know that much about me, so I thought that an updated post might be a good way to introduce myself a little more. Here are my last answers from 2013. (I'll be tagging a few other bloggers at the end of this post- so check out their answers too.)

1) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Recently I've been loving experimenting more with my photography. Sometimes getting the lighting and exposure right can be a long process of trial and error - especially because I shoot all my outfits by myself, but it's such a great feeling when I hit publish on a post I'm proud of.

2) If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing you'd buy?
Plane tickets for my family. We've talked about an American Road Trip for so long so I would make that happen.  

3) Heels or Converse? 
Converse, (nearly) every single time. As much as I love a good pair or heels, I'm 5 ft 10 so I can look a bit ridiculous when you put me in heels.

4) Where did you last eat out? 
Way back in December - I ate at Five Guys with my brother in London! It was our first time there, and it was ah-mazing. 

5) In five years time, where do you want to be?
Such a tough question to answer! It could change any day, but for a while now I've wanted to be in marketing for a big fashion brand. A brand like Paul Smith, that's the dream!

6) If there was a film about your life, who would play you?
I've been sat trying to answer this for a least five minutes and I'm still clueless. I always love Emma Stone, but she's definitely too cool to play me. Or maybe Zooey Deschanel, because then I could pretend that my hair was always that amazing.

7) Where is your favourite place in the world?
Can I give multiple answers? I've grown up in Derbyshire, and I love climbing to the top of the fields around me. Alternatively, I spent my childhood going to my Gran's house in the Isle of Lewis and on the rare days that the weather is good I'm convinced it's the prettiest place in the world. (This is just round the corner from my Gran's house.) London is always going to be on the list too.

8) What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
My answer to this proves that I really have no life. Last night I spent getting on for an hour watching clips from Alan Carr's show Chatty Man. He does some of the funniest interviews I've watched. 

9) Gym or Netflix session?
Netflix, every time! I've just finished seasons 1-3 of New Girl and I'm having withdrawal symptoms, I swear. I need regular doses of Nick Miller to keep me sane. 

10) Favourite Dessert?
Probably something like syrup sponge. It reminds me of being school and my mum always makes it in Winter. 

11) Who is your role model?
I couldn't give you one solid answer for this. There are elements of lots of people that I admire - for example, my Gran is still a sassy, independent woman in her 80s, which I think is pretty cool. My mum never feels held back by fear, or the possibility of failure, my dad is always so positive and has the best sense of humour, and my brother is probably the smartest person I know.  

1) Name your favourite lipstick!
2) Your favourite band?
3) Name a movie I should watch!
4) What's the last book you read?
5) Can you pick a favourite blogger / youtuber that I should check out?
6) Your favourite memory of 2015 so far?
7) A night out on the town, or a movie night in?
8) Where would you go if I gave you a free plane ticket to anywhere?
9) What's the most worn item in your wardrobe?
10) How did you choose your blog's name?
11) How have you changed since this time last year?

I can't wait to see your answers! Drop me a tweet (@rubysterland) when you've answered them x


  1. Thank you for tagging me! I love things like these! I'd be the same as you - if I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd be jetting off somewhere bloody amazing! I don't know where I'd pick, but I'd round up my friends and family and we'd be going as soon as possible!

  2. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  3. Oh! Nice to hear! It would be awesome to have Emma Stone playing your life, wouldn't it? With love,

  4. Great post and idea.....

    P.S Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for lovely post is live ;-)

  5. congrats on the award, converse over heels woot~woot~

  6. Haha I'm so obsessed with New Girl too, but Schmidt is my favourite, he's so hilarious!
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