Monday, 24 February 2014

Great Photos, Beauty and Writing #5

Great Photos, Beauty and Writing #5

Great Photos, Beauty and Writing #5 by rubysterland on Polyvore

Great Photos- Shy Girl Loud Voice- Is It Spring Yet? I've been on the hunt for new blogs recently, and Kacie's style caught my eye straight away. I'm definitely partial to her mentality of 'If I want to wear it, I'll wear it'. I can't wait for the time when it's actually warm enough to wear gorgeous, floaty outfits like this. 

Great Beauty- Bon Vivants- The TMI Tag. Here's another discovery- Jessica's YouTube channel, Bon Vivants. I've spent a good while scrolling through her videos and have decided that I love her channel. Watch her TMI Tag video to get to know her a little better. (I can't wait for a chance to pull out that chat-up line...)

Great Writing- Scarphelia- Blogging vs. Real Life. This week's final discovery, thanks to a retweet on twitter. I identified with blogger Scarphelia's most recent post so much. Of course, our blogs only show certain parts of our characters and lives, and that's not something we should feel bad or apologetic about. We all need to keep a little bit of ourselves from the Internet, and props to you for speaking your mind so eloquently, Scarlett. 

Leave me links in the comments of any of your new blog discoveries! I look forward to your recommendations x

Monday, 17 February 2014

LFW AW14- People Watching & The Sartorialist

Last Sunday I spent the day in London with my cousin and fellow blogger Jodie. We started the day at Somerset House and managed to kill a good few hours people watching. I met the lovely Jen from A Little Bird Told Me, and spotted Gemma from What's In Her Wardrobe from afar. The highlight of my day has to have been meeting Scot Schuman, a street photographer and creator of The Sartorialist, a blog which is constantly inspiring what I wear. 

So here are a few snapshots from my morning- look out for a few pictures from the Topshop Unique show too, they're on their way! I'm still pinching myself and I can't say it enough- if you have a spare day and train tickets are ridiculously priced, then get your butt down to London! We had no plans for the day but just ambled around making it up as we went along, and I can't believe all the people I saw and even got the chance to have conversations with. 

Happy Monday, Everyone! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Winter Winds


Silly me for thinking it was warm enough to roll up my jeans and were loafers.

Here's a 'what I'm wearing most days' kind of outfit to go with my last post- a 'how I'm painting my face on everyday' kind of thing, although I think I did phrase it slightly more eloquently last time. What can I say, I feel like school is burning me out slightly right now? Deadlines are looming so thank heavens next week is half term. Time to blitz through my ever-growing 'to-do' list.

Any twitter followers might know that I broke my one and only camera lens last weekend, and this is the only post that I had prepared. *applause* Until it's fixed I'm going to need to get all creative and improvise- oh how I love being kept on my toes... I have a few possible solutions with the worse-case scenario costing me £200, but let's not dwell on that because it brings a tear to my eye (and my bank account).

With that, I hope that your week has been slightly cheerier than mine (although that wouldn't be difficult), and I hope tomorrow is a great start to the week!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

WOMF #6 | Everyday Makeup

I've been switching up a few of the products I use in my (not so) everyday routine (I love a bit of makeup, but more often than not I don't wear it...) But, on the rare occasion that I decide to paint my face on, here's what it looks like. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Natural Collection Concealor - Rimmel Stay Matte PowderSleek Pressed Powder (used as bronzer) - Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelline The Falsies - Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Let's Get Naked'

This routine is pretty basic and simple, which is why I've been falling back on it for the last few weeks. My eyes have quite a round shape so I use a slick of liquid liner, and I like to keep my lips a subtle, peachy-pink colour, because knowing me if I wore a bright coral or red it would somehow find it's way all over my chin. 

All these products are pretty well tried and tested other than one- and if you follow me on Twitter you might know that it's Maybelline The Falsies. I managed to eek out my tube of Benefit's They're Real! for quite a few months but last week I felt like it was time to venture into pastures anew. I had heard the hype surrounding The Falsies (who hasn't?) so I decided to give it a go. I was a curvy-wand virgin but hey, how tricky can it be? After a few attempts at using it I think I'm getting there but it took me a good three days to figure out which way to hold the darn thing. Note to self: read the instructions! Sometimes they know what they're talking about... 

Let me know what you think of The Falsies and what you're current makeup looks like!