Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What's In My Bag: Uni Edition

Starting University last month was the perfect excuse to buy myself one of the many Zara bag I lust over. Enter the Zara Office City Bag with pocket. It could probably only be more beautiful if it came in black. (Yes, I did ask a lady at the till if it came in black...) 
The details:
A girl can't have too many lippy options. I'm nearly always a nude lip girl, and Topshop's Nevada and Rimmel's Notting Hill Nude are my favourites that I always carry around with me. Carmex has been saving my lips recently, and Vaseline doubles up as a good blusher too. 
Of course, keys always come with me, as do the headphones. 

With all the best intentions, I've been hauling Gone Girl around with me since I bought it. So far, so good, and I've just got home from seeing the movie and boy, I don't even know what to tell you. There are no words. 
There are always black biros rolling around in there, and a calculator is a new addition too. I don't carry all my old notes with me- just paper, and does anyone else get really fussy about paper? W H Smith all the way people. Weleda's Skin Food transfers between all my handbags because it's an all round good'un. Good as a lip balm, or just a general moisturiser. My purse holds my life so I keep it close at all times- who knows when I might need one of the numerous random discount cards for some elusive store? 

So there's what I lug around all day e'rryday. I won't lie, it's quite heavy! What are the items you keep in your bag religiously? 


  1. Such a great post, your phone case is just so so cute x


  2. Loving your City Bag! Gorgeous and nice reading material too ;).

  3. Love your bag and your phone case is so cute


  4. Can we just talk about how adorable your phone case is? Seriously, so cute!! I loved the book Gone Girl I haven't gotten to see it in the movies yet though!

  5. Love your phone case <3 And this post reminds me to get a copy of Gone Girl ASAP!!

    Pleasure visiting your blog, do check out mine!


  6. I love how good everything in your bag still looks. I do not know how people do that, my stuff always looks rather scratchy and bumped after spending some times in my handbag. I by the way also never leave the house without carmex. I discovered it when visiting the UK and never looked back. I used to get like 5 packages every time i visited but now i luckily found a supplier in Belgium. I love your photos on the site by the way. Really nicely done. I also appreciate the german blog title ;)

  7. eee that gif looks super cool! I totally agree with you, Carmex is my saviour as winter approaches. Also i've been wanting to read Gone Girl for a wee while, but i'm an absolute wimp so i've been a bit hesitant after hearing it's quite scary haha. would you recommend it from what you've read so far?
    -Kate | Bleached Mort

    1. Hi Kate! I would so recommend Gone Girl, definitely. It's so well written, and even though I'm still on page 60-something (university is coming between me and reading it!) I'm loving it. Thanks for visiting! x

  8. Zara does have the best bags, don't they! Obsessed with yours and that cool little GIF as well :)
    Much Love, Karen

  9. Love your wallet!
    I miss using purses, ever since I started college *or uni as you call it* I started using a backpack because of all the books. I just can't handle a purse at the moment. lolol




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