Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grey Area

Wearing: Skirt, Tee, Boots - Primark. Bag - Zara. 

Hello internet, the outfit posts are back! I had a mini hiatus from my usual content because 1) My wardrobe was feeling very uninspiring after a major clear-out (and I mean major. It was only a matter of time before it happened though, and Anna's video was the final push) and 2) Why not shake up what appears on TM?

The countdown has officially begun- I only have 3 nights left in my bed before I move out. The fact that I can't take my bed with me seriously upsets me, by the way. I guess this means that I need to start packing and step away from all the London Fashion Week vlogs on YouTube? 


  1. Such a cutie Ruby, you look beautiful x

  2. This outfit is 50 shades of cray (haha, I'm not funny but I tried). Seriously, you look gorgeous!

  3. Love, love love this outfit! looking lovely as always!

  4. I love this!
    This remind me of something Tanya Burr would wear :) xx


  5. pretty look :)

  6. So cute outfit. Love your skirt.

  7. Drooling over that pleated skirt babe. You are a knockout <3 I have been super obsessed with pleats lately too, the texture just adds that next level chic game ;) xo


  8. Super cute look, you pull off that pleated skirt so beautifully <3

    // xx

  9. Ohhhh my god this suits you so well! You look pretty :)
    I just followed you, looking forward to your outfits!!

    It would mean so much to me if you visited my blog, if you have some spare time <3

    Berry The Blue

  10. Wowee, you look totally gorgeous and that outfit suits you perfectly. I feel I ought to revisit Anna's video and sort out my wardrobe too, I think started a while ago but never finished... oops!
    I remember the days before moving to uni, just to warn you - packing up after first year is worse, you won't understand just how much MORE stuff you gather just in one year. Prepare yourself!

    She's So Lucy


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