Sunday, 31 August 2014

18 (!)

 It feels like I've been waiting for this day to arrive for a while. So, what's changed in the past year? My hair is shorter, I can actually drive a car now, and in three weeks' time I'll be settling into university. My wardrobe has changed a bit too- I'm slowly embracing the fact that I'm 5 ft10" and can still wear heels, and there's lots more black in my wardrobe than this time last year. Case in point, right here. 

I'm spending the day eating pizza, cake and there's a very high chance of a movie marathon this afternoon. Spending my first day as an 18 year old in style, of course. 


  1. It's such a cute outfit. You look great in it!

  2. Love your outfit! Where is the top and skirt from?!

    1. Thanks Madeline! The skirt was from Primark a month or two back, and the cami top is from River Island x

  3. Happy Birthday Ruby, you look beautiful x

  4. love that skirt! and i'm loving the new hair! x

  5. Amazing combo! You look lovely

  6. Loving this outfit combo! You own being 18 AND 5'10". Just beautiful!!!
    Have fun settling into college :)
    xo TJ

  7. You definitely deserve these incredible 18! Have fun!
    With love,


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