Thursday, 31 July 2014

Take III

Jeans/ New Look . Shirt/ Dorothy Perkins . Boots/ Primark . Necklace/ Red Herring . Watch/ River Island

I've been suffering from a serious case of all round creative block, so strong that it took me a good twenty minutes to come up with a title, and I haven't blogged in ten days. Anyone else ever get this? It's like a never ending circle, because the more frustrated I get with myself, the more I struggle to write anything comprehensive. 

So instead, let's just talk about how good Barney is at posing, or what I'm wearing today. Or the fact that that it's only two weeks until the big day. Anyone that took A-Levels will know exactly what I'm talking about. Results day is looming, people.
 *curls up into a ball of self pity and denial

Back to the clothes, then. As much as I try to deny it, I will always be an ankle boots whenever and wherever kind of girl. So much so that I bought myself another pair of black ankle boots, the justification this time being 'I don't have a pair with a low heel that I could walk in all day'. Plus, they were only £15 from Primark. I would have picked them up in brown too, but they were out of my size. What can I say, a girl can never have too many ankle boots. 


  1. Hey lovely - I really like the pastel blue shirt & those cut out boots are perfect!

    Good luck with your A level results - sure you'll do brilliantly! :)

    Gabby xo

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  2. This sheer blue top looks lovely! Girl I get you, happens to me as well...sometimes it's all right to take a break, don't worry about it too much :) Barney is adorable btw! x

  3. This look amazing! Those boots are incredible, and Barney is completely precious. That's it, I'm obsessed with your blog!

  4. Love the ankle booties, if I could get away with them I'd be the same way! And your dog is so so cute.
    Have a great weekend!

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  5. Love the ankle boots. Thanks for sharing this here & Would
    you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Please lemme know!
    & keep in touch!


  6. Barney is so cute! lovely outfit too x

  7. Love this look, and your puppy is adorable! xo


  8. Oh god yeah results day is coming *so scared* It's my A2 results so I hope they're not too bad :) Good luck~

  9. Lovely outfit, your boots are gorgeous.....and I'm in love with your dog, soooo cute!

  10. Absolutely loved the outfit girl! Those boots are amazing, I definitely need to head over primark soon!


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