Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Long Weekend

Yesterday the weather was a beaut in the UK, so much so that I could actually have bare shoulders without feeling chilly. My mad fortnight is nearly over- one exam down, one to go this Tuesday! To say I'm tired is probably an understatement- revision is definitely taking it's toll and I'm very near saturation point. My brain is feeling slightly frazzled from all the German work as I write this. 

But anyway, enough about school. Here is what I would be wearing this long weekend, if I had anywhere exciting to go, and any reason to dress up. This shirt is so pretty that I had to venture 20 yards up the drive in search of flowers to continue the theme, leaving my usual spot at the front door behind. Also, Barney is back! He's slowly growing to be a cute little edition to the family - when he's not terrorizing the house and eating my favourite boots. Yep, that happened. I'm always going to miss Cassie, who made a guest appearance way back  here, but her and Barney are two completely different dogs, so it makes the change easier. 

This post is much deeper than I was expecting, so with that I'm off to find coffee, and then I'm back in my quiet revision corner. Yep, you know the one, it was looking so pretty in the sun the other day that as a form of procrastination, I insta-grammed a pic of it. 


  1. Where do you live? Love the background!

    Those heels are so cute!

    I just posted, hope you come by and let me know what you think:D!!


  2. Perfect pants! Love the photography

    x Maria
    Have a look at my newest Outfitpost
    featuring my new smock dress and let me know what you think about it :)

  3. can totally relate with this UK weather haha
    just found your blog by accident but you now have a new follower :)
    pop over and follow me back if you like sweetie, would appreciate it x

    The Silver Doll

  4. That blouse is so cute and unusual, love the flower details ! Great blog ! Would you like to follow each other on gfc, bloglovin & instagram ? Let me know and I'll follow you right back ! :-) x

  5. Wow, cool blog! Great style.
    If you are interested to follow each other, let me know :)
    Really love your Blog.

  6. After browsing through your posts I've concluded that teens in the UK are by far more sophisticated than those here in the US that I associate with! You are gorgeous, I love your blog and your outfits.

  7. Lovely look :)

  8. this reminds me of secret garden! :"> so lovely!~



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