Monday, 25 November 2013


Enter the bronze, smokey eye and pale, nearly bare skin. This one is all about the eyes. I stuck with the Garnier BB Cream as a base and concealed under my eyes, and around blemishes. Now to the exciting bit- the eyes. Starting with a wash of On and On Bronze from Maybelline, (what else would it be?) and then building up the colour with Benefit's Solid Gold. Get Down Brown went through the crease and under the eye and a clean brush helped blend it all together. Add a good few coats of mascara- I'm still using Benefit They're Real! and then go back under the eyes with concealor to clean up any of the fall out, and done! 

You could always add a bit of contour- I dabbed on Topshop's Nevada, a really pale, peachy nude. I decided to keep my cheeks clean of blusher for a simple, christmas-do worthy look. 

How would you wear this look? 


  1. The eye makeup looks so pretty! And I have that BB cream, it's magic isn't it?! xo

    1. Thanks Kate :-) I love Garnier's BB Cream, it just the right amount of coverage! x

  2. That topshop lipstick looks really nice, love the colour on your lips.

  3. Lovely make-up.

  4. Ooo I love this make-up look darling, simple yet striking!

    Elizabeth x

  5. What a beautiful look! Simple makeup looks have always been a favourite of mine and this one suits you so perfectly. And your skin is flawless! Just beautiful in general.
    xo Maria

  6. I love your makeup! You're so gorgeous!

    Madison Martine

  7. Hey babe! You look gorgeous and thanks for this post, very helpful :-) They're real is my fave mascara as well!



  8. Your smokey eyes are soooo beautiful! Love your makeup!

    Xo, Hannah


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