Thursday, 24 October 2013

Collar + Sweater

 I love a good collar/sweater combo. I can't get enough of this jumper at the minute, not only is it one of the warmest things I own, it's also one of the brightest. Buying this was pure coincidence- I bought it from Forever 21 as consolation for the fact that I couldn't find the shoes I wanted. 

I really haven't done much, I've been stuck inside because of the awful weather, so thank god it was sunny today and I managed to get these photos done! I have got my Halloween costume sorted, though! Keep an eye out for that, I can't wait. 

I'm home alone tonight, which means I've been dancing around my living room to this song which I re-discovered, and I'm just about to watch The Carrie Diaries. Popcorn or Ice Cream? It's a tough call. 

Even though I've been busy all day getting blog posts stacked up, I've felt quite alone. My brother's at uni, my parent's are away until tomorrow, and my friends are either on holiday or still at school. Roll on Halloween, when I get to see them all again! I'm not going to lie, it's nice to be away from school, and I don't just mean the work. Things have been a bit dramatic at school lately (the perks of an all girls school) but I think friendships are slowly healing themselves. For now my company is a snoring dog, and I think it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. 


  1. Lovely ouftit♥
    Do you want to follow me?

  2. Hi Ruby, this sweater is lovely on you. I like the prints. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  3. Great jumper,I really like the print of it. I have yet to try some forever21 clothes can't wait to order some!!

  4. Ich mag den Sweater :)

    Dein Deutsch ist gut - ich freu mich immer, wenn das jemand lernt, weil deutsch so sinnlos ist :D


  5. Fab sweater. I like the design.

  6. I love your loafers so much! The tassel detail is gorgeous <3

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Okay, you are too cute girl! Loving this entire look!
    xo TJ


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