Friday, 16 August 2013

Red Brick

I was in need of a good catch up with my cousin Jodie (who now has her own blog, by the way!) and we decided to have a photo day. You can see the other set of photos on Jodie's blog- We All Start As Strangers

I went to the cinema last night to see Now You See Me, and it was great! If you haven't seen it and still have the chance then you should go, it was definitely full of plot twists. 

I hope any of you who received AS or A Level results today are pleased with what you have, and good luck to all those doing GCSEs next week. Y'all will do great, I know it. Now, I'm off to the dentist, then I'm hot-footing it to a festival. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I love your dress! You look so cute! x

    New post is up btw! :)

  2. dankeschön für deinen kommentar :) your blog title is really cool!
    and I really like your dress, especially with the belt!


  3. Oh my gosh this dress is sooo cute...I love the color and the detailed collar :)

    Veloria in Velvet


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