Monday, 5 August 2013

July Favourites

This month hasn't been great for new products. I'm in a good routine and I'm pretty happy with the things I'm using, so I've yet to try any little samples I have. However, I've got a few new things which I've loved, and a few things I've rediscovered. 

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, Weleda- This is a new one. I've known about the brand for ages but I've never tried their Baby range. Yes, I am nearly 17 years old and I'm using a baby range, but that's okay because it's great for sensitive skin! Anything that's gentle on your skin gets a thumbs up from me, and it smells so good. 

"They're Real!" Mascara, Benefit- Another newby. I bought this at John Lewis after meeting Lily Pebbles. I don't know why I went for this mascara, I guess I just needed a new one. I was torn between this and Benefit's Bronzer, and for some reason this was won. Needless to say, me likey. The wand is designed to create the 'falsh lash effect' but actually, you can build it up to whatever level of volume and length you want, so you can still keep your lashes pretty subtle. It is, unfortunately, a serious pain to get off. Any tips or products great for a stubborn mascara?

Rosy Lips, Vaseline- There's not really many exciting things to say about this one. It's always in my bag, along with a few other lip balms and it rarely gets used. But, I was out and about in London last week and needed to retouch my face when- crisis, I had no blusher with me. I dabbed a bit of this on my cheeks and it didn't look too bad- blended out with my fingers it gave a dewy flush to my cheeks. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's- Another story from my trip to London. I took a few DVDs with me and remembered that I had this gem. I sat in bed one night watching it, and thought God, I love this movie. It somehow made me forget I was away from home, and for 2 hours I escaped. 

Dual Personality Spray, Aussie- Another product that gets a ten out of ten for the scent. I hear beauty bloggers rave about products like the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray all the time and wondered if I could find something a little bit more budget friendly. I picked up Aussie's offering from Boots and I think it's fab. It adds texture and volume but also conditions your lengths, which is just what I need with all this hot weather. (Having said that, as I type this the rain is pouring down) The only thing I would say is... because I have thick hair the hold isn't all that great, but it's pretty purse friendly so I can't really complain!

White Loafers, New Look- The only fashion favourite for me this month. I wore these so much whilst interning in London, they were so comfy. Plus, I have a real big soft spot for loafers, whether they're simple, a penny loafer or a lace up, I love 'em. 

Comment with recommendations- what have you been loving recently? 


  1. I got the idea of pink Vaseline as a cheek tint from on of your previous posts, so thank you! Love the shoes too :)

  2. such a cool post! I love your blog<3
    Emma xx

  3. Fabulous post! They're Real is a great mascara. I'm also really loving Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara at the moment too. I forgot to say when I tweeted that I think L'Oreal do a miscellar water similar to Bioderma that gets a lot of love from UK bloggers as well.

    S xo.

  4. you've inspired me to re-watch breakfast at tiffany's.
    come say hello-


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