Friday, 19 July 2013

RNIL: Lychee & Greenberry

I've heard numerous bloggers talk about how fab they think the Gelly Hi-Shine range from Barry M is, so on my last trip to Boots I had to pick a few up. First of all, I can't get over how amazingly priced they are! At only £3.99 each they are a bargain if I ever saw one. Keep an eye on the offers too, when I bought these they were two for £5.99

Anyway, back to the nail polish. I love them. Personally, I don't think one coat is enough but with two you get a nice opaque finish. Just a few things to mention- definitely use a base coat, although I think they last fine without a top coat, and they're already pretty shiny. Barry M usually have a great colour selection, so I was kind of disappointed when I saw how few there were in Boots. The colours they did have were nice, but there weren't many. Maybe it's because it's quite a new range, so finger's crossed they bring out more! 


  1. the turquoise one looks so pretty, I really need to try these out!


  2. these are such lovely colours! I wish I could paint my nails properly, when I try it goes all over the place haha xx

  3. Wow love these collors! Its so hard to find the perfect nailpolish collor :(


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