Friday, 26 July 2013

Meeting Lily Pebbles! (+ Anna & Amelia Liana)

Before I get to the exciting part, I'm so sorry! I've been climbing the walls because I haven't blogged since Monday. Some of you might think that I'm a bit sad to be stressed out by this but seriously, the most I go without a new post is normally two days, not four. So please accept my apologies- and I hope this was worth waiting for! 

Talk about serendipity- the week I'm in London and I get to meet some of my favourite beauty bloggers. Last night John Lewis hosted an event with Grazia magazine and Lily Pebbles, who writes her blog What I Heart Today. I dashed from work to get to John Lewis to hear Lily and the Grazia girls talk about their summer beauty picks.

After the talk we had time to mill around, get our nails done, and have a chat about all things beauty with Lily. Surprise surprise, Lily's beauty-blogging friends Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Amelia Liana from Liana Beauty came along too! We chatted favourites of the month, nail colours, skincare, haircare- it was THE best. Like typical bloggers, we also talked about things like scheduling posts and organising your blog (I obviously need to take their advice on board and schedule more...) 

I met two other fab bloggers- Simmi from the his and hers blog Made in Marylebone and Georgina, who writes her blog Forks and Brushes. I think you might be able to tell that I had loads of fun, and I still can't believe I got to meet my favourite bloggers and have the most friendly chat with them, it feels kinda surreal. 

I cannot believe what a mess my hair is- this is me post London Underground rush, with no straighteners either- eeek.


  1. Aww love this post! Also I WISH I had your fancy camera! My picture came out majorly unflattering - I blame the lighting! | A his & hers blog entailing adventure of food, fashion & London lifestyle

  2. Ah I can so relate about the stress. It's like I'm abandoning my baby-- aka the blog. And you don't look a mess, I think your glasses are adorable :) Sounds like a fun little blogger meetup!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. You have a lovely blog! What a great opportunity to meet other great bloggers!

  4. You look gorgeous Ruby! What an amazing opportunity x.


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