Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Great Photos, Beauty and Writing #1

*Each image is from the websites respectively, I do not own these images!

I've just returned from my holiday and after a week away from blogging I came home to 479 unread posts on my bloglovin' feed. Woah. I've spent the past few days trying to make a dent in this number, and if I'm honest I don't think I'll ever get up to date. But, in my effort to do this I have come across some great blog posts which I really wanted to share with you guys. 

Great photos- The Blonde Salad- Santorini day 2. She's done it again, some more gorgeous photos. I think these photos sum up great summer style and I wish I had all these things in my wardrobe.

Great Beauty- Vivianna Does Makeup- Guide to Holiday Beauty Packing- This is actually a huge series with 5 different scenarios- The Basics, The Festival, The City, The Beach and The Outdoors, so there's definitely something for everyone. It couldn't get better really, Anna's written a blog post and filmed a video for each one, as well as creating an awesome PDF check list to tick off all your necessary items.

Great Writing- Someone Like You- Come Sail Away with Me- I like reading Lauren's blog because not only does she have great style, but she's a great writer. This post is definitely no exception. She knows how to use language to tell a story, but I still think it's relatable, and often really makes you think. Check out Lauren's blog if you haven't already!


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