Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Bond Street, London

After yesterday's meeting I headed over to New Bond Street to get some photography, Sartorialist style! I love doing this and really want to do it more often. I love each and every one of these outfits for different reasons- I think they all show great style. One of the reasons I like doing these posts is because everyone likes the images for different reasons. 

I love the pink and yellow- great combination! Also love all black with small gold details, simple yet effective. 

I LOVE how eclectic and, in my eyes, brave this couple are. The matching KENZO is a fantastic statement.

Again, I love the simplicity and layering of this outfit. The little flash of blue is really pretty too. 

The first thing that made me want to photograph these friends was the orange gilet. But when I looked closer at when each girl I loved the coordination of sweater and bag (on the left) and the bright colour popping out from a neutral pallet (on the right).

Let me know what stands out to you from these images in the comments! x

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  1. Love it .
    I like your blog sooo much.
    I follow you now =)
    Maybe you follow me back?


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