Sunday, 24 March 2013

Summer Wishing

Summer Wishing
After all the snow we've had in Derbyshire this week I cannot wait until Summer! So, just to emphasise how wintery the weather is, I went on Polyvore and got some inspiration! 


  1. yes! those shorts are too cute

  2. Lovely style!
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  3. Mmmm, what I would do to spend Summer in the US.

  4. The watch looks really nice. Great summer selection!

  5. I love the shorts!

    Top on my over all wishlist has to be either a posh watch or some Dr. Martens... for Summer however I just need to buy more floaty bits and bobs!

    Becky xx

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  6. great outfit you have pulled together

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    Hope you enter!

    Rachael x


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