Sunday, 24 March 2013

Summer Wishing

Summer Wishing
After all the snow we've had in Derbyshire this week I cannot wait until Summer! So, just to emphasise how wintery the weather is, I went on Polyvore and got some inspiration! 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tumblr Thoughts

I've never really written a post like this before, but after thinking about it for a while I decided to just do it. I don't intend to be deliberately controversial; maybe you'll disagree with what I think, but maybe you'll agree. I simply wanted to voice my opinion and see what you all think.

Recently I've been having a love/hate relationship with Tumblr. Don't get me wrong; I do like using it. There are so many funny gifs, gorgeous photographs and great quotes. The more I use Tumblr, the more I discover how popular things like fan-fics are, but the more I also see how there are other more negative communities on there. The one I have in mind is that of the obsession with body image, weight and our general appearance, the majority of which focuses on teenage girls of my own age.

If you're unfamiliar with this, then the images I have stumbled across are typically those of prominent collar bones, thigh gaps and extremely skinny figures, all with captions musing about how 'beautiful' it is, and how they wish they looked like that. To me this seems crazy. I completely understand that everyone has insecurities about their image, and I am certainly not an exception to that rule. However, I think it's a real shame that something with such a great concept such as that of Tumblr is being used to promote such an unhealthy image. I found this concerning when I read that the typical demographic of a British Tumblr user is, maybe unsurprisingly, female and between 18-24 years old. It also worried me that if I could stumble across them on my own dashboard without even searching for a specific tag, then how prominent are these images on the site?

So is this a problem? In my opinion it is. We always blame the Media for promoting unrealistic ideas of beauty, but I think that the Internet is also becoming increasingly responsible, especially due to image sharing websites like Tumblr. I don't want to point the blame on Tumblr, it is by no means alone in having this content, and it is also home to loads of great content.

Its important to remember how natural it is for our bodies to change as we grow! I think people strive to keep a boyish, shapeless figure and maybe we need to realise how everyone has different body shapes. What's most important is that your body is healthy, and that your mind has a good attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

I'd love to hear what you think about this- have you experienced a body-obsessive culture on Tumblr or any other social networking site, and do you think it's a problem? I look forwarding to hearing what you think!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love How It Hurts

Ice Age Sugar

I love Disco Pants; I really think I need some! I think they look best put together as a sporty/ casual look with some statement jewellery. I couldn't help but look but include a t-shirt designed for this years Comic Relief, after all £75 million was raised yesterday! 

If you're wondering where this posts name came from, it's named after one of favourite songs that I re-discovered today; Love How It Hurts by Scouting For Girls. 

Let me know if you like Disco Pants and what you would style them with! 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Lewis Watson @ The Bodega!

I have had an amazing week, and the highlight was definitely Tuesday, when I found myself living a dream (I know it sounds cheesy, but stay with me here). I've been listening to Lewis Watson's music for getting on for two years now, and I finally had the chance to go and see him live. So I grabbed 4 friends, and headed off to see Lewis!

The night started with Saint Raymond, (A.K.A Callum Burrows), who opened up the show. Although I've never listened to his music, I really enjoyed it! The fact that Nottingham is his hometown made it special, and the crowd was really welcoming! Listen to Bonfires, it's an amazing song and I've been listening to it ever since last Tuesday. Next up was Kimberly Anne, a seriously talented artist. She was great at including the audience, despite the fact that some of us didn't know her music! My favourite of hers is hard to choose, it's either Bury It There or La La.

Lewis' set was incredible. It was all I could have hoped for! It was so nice to see him play all his songs, from ones featured on his new EP The Wild to some of his first songs, such as 3, which is a personal favourite of mine. There were so many highlights to the night, but one that has stuck with me is definitely when Lewis unplugged his guitar and came into the crowd. The audience sat down and listened to him perform in the purest way and it was beautiful. Despite the calls from an audience of adoring fans Lewis is an undeniably modest guy, which is so endearing.

 Lewis was kind enough to stay behind and meet everyone single one in the audience. What a nice guy! I didn't get the chance to meet Kimberly Anne, but I did meet Callum Burrows. I have to say it's so refreshing to see down to earth artists. I'll leave you with some photos from the night! (Excuse the poor quality, but all were taken on an iPhone).

Waiting for Lewis- Let's just say I was excited. Wow, I can't believe I'm sharing this on the Internet.

The Crowd! (Taken from Lewis' Instagram)

Meeting Callum Burrows, such a nice guy! 

Lewis and the Girls! L-R Emily, Maisie, Gina, Lewis, Me and Jodie

Me and Lewis! What a nice guy, staying to meet us all even after the venue had closed! 
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